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Professional Keynote Banking Speaker

From an outsiderís perspective, the world of banking and finance is a strict, data-oriented world full of unexciting people and dense spreadsheets. However, anyone whoís ever worked in the banking sector is more than aware that banking and finance draw as many colorful characters and experiences as any other profession, and banking and finance conference attendees like to have fun as much as anybody else.

Kent Rader is a nationally-renowned professional keynote speaker with years of experience in delivering one-of-a-kind keynote speeches to a variety of industries. His latest program, Thereís No Business Like Show Business: Four Business Principles Learned on My Journey from Accounting to Comedy, details his path from accounting to the stage, and brings with it many life lessons, motivational tips, and inspiring moments.

Banking isnít just about the numbers; itís about the people. Kent Rader delivers an incredible, hilarious story that educates and entertains, and helps people to understand key elements of moving forward in their careers and professions though humor and stress relief. Motivational speakers and professional keynote speakers set the tone for a conference. The performance of your keynote speaker can inform the success of your event; choosing someone with a deep well of experience, history of successful performances, and long list of positive client feedback is a solid first step in guaranteeing your event is memorable and informative.

Kent Rader offers a number of different programs for your conference. Whether youíre hoping to tackle the topic of stress, leadership, or anything else in the professional world, Kent will deliver a solid keynote speech designed to fit your banking and finance attendees and the conference / event overall.

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